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Public Comments Table of Contents

Page history last edited by Kristina Ferrare 13 years, 7 months ago

Contains comments submitted through December 11, 2009.

First Draft: Aggregated Comments from web site and email

Electronically submitted comments : This is organized alphabetically by topic area. Comments in this document are generally short and were received by email or via the goodforestry website.

First Draft: Written Correspondence

The following are separate correspondence listed by person in alphabetical order. These letters and notes are not included in the aggregated comments (above). These letters and notes generally address one or more topic areas.

Rick Alger, logger, Milan NH

Bob Berti FORECO, Rumney, NH

Craig Birch Proctor Hill Forestry and Logging, LLC, Hollis, NH

John Caveney, President NHTOA, Spofford, NH

Mark Cowdrey Andover, NH

Richard George, NHTOA member, Webster NH

Debbie Goard, UNHCE County Forester, Strafford County

David Irvin, forester, Oakville, CT

Ron Klemarczyk, FORECO, Rumney, NH

Charlie Levesque Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, Antrim, NH

Wayne Millen, Forestry Program Leader, Timber Sale Contracting Officer, White Mountain National Forest

K. B. Patenaude, landowner,Henniker, NH

Dave Publicover, AMC

Pierce Rigrod, NH DES

Sarah Smith, UNHCE Forest Industry Specialist

William H. Smith Trees and Bees Environmental

Gordon Stuart, Forest Hydrologist, Westbrook ME on water resources chapters

Jeremy Turner, forester Meadowsend Timberlands Ltd.

Jessica Veysey, UNH Graduate Student in Natural Resources, Newmarket, NH 

Dave Welsch, USFS Northeastern Area State and Private Watershed Programs Coordinator

Comment Documents received via NH Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA):

Cover letter

Put Blodget, landowner

Tom Colgan, Wagner Forest Products, Lyme NH

Harold Cook, forester, Greenleaf Products, W. Ossipee NH

Dan Cyr, forester, Baystate Forestry

Ned Therrien, landowner and NHTOA past president, Canterbury NH

Ann Davis, landowner, Springfield NH (Comments from Ann Davis are available in one large file or 4 smaller files):

Ann Davis complete comments (18.2 MB)

Ann Davis File 1 (1.03 MB)

Ann Davis File 2   (6.42 MB)

Ann Davis File 3  (5.7 MB)

Ann Davis File 4 (5.5 MB)

Ed Witt, Madison Lumber Company, Madison NH (Comments from Ed Witt are available in one large file or 4 smaller files):

Ed Witt complete comments (15.26 MB)

Ed Witt File 1 (972 KB)

Ed Witt File 2 (4.09 MB)

Ed Witt File 3 (5.02 MB)

Ed Witt File 4 (5.16 MB)

First Draft: Comments From Public Meetings

These notes haven't been verified by the people in attendance, but are our best interpretation of what was said:

Granite State Division SAF Meeting - September 18, 2009

Tamworth Public Meeting - October 26, 2009

Berlin Public Meeting - October 27, 2009

Epping Public Meeting - October 28, 2009

Hillsborough Public Meeting - October 29, 2009

First Draft: References Submitted for Review (organized by name of the person submitting the reference)

Alan Page, Green Diamond Systems, Belchertown, MA

Alan Page data

Alan Page discussion of tree growth

Alan Page Energy position paper

Alan Page Forest Management Tools

Joseph T. Fontaine, Emission Reduction Trading Programs Manager, NH Department of Environmental Services - Air Resources Division

Fontaine - RGGI report

Phillip deMaynadier, Reptile, Amphibian, and Invertebrate Group Leader, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Philip deMaynadier Science and Conservation of Vernal Pools title page

Philip deMaynadier journal article - Conserving Vernal Pool Amphibians in Managed Forests

Andrew Whitman, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

A Revised Rapid-Assessment Late-Successional Index for common northeastern forest types

LS Index(Revised) : Northern Hardwood Forest

LS Index(Revised) : Northern Pine Forest

LS Index(Revised) : Upland Spruce-fir Forest

Mark Cowdry, Ragged Mountain Farm, Andover, NH submission of reference materials by Jamie Simpson, Ecology Action Center, Nova Scotia

Report I: Forest Sustainability

Report II: Potential for Small-Scale, Community- Based Biomass Energy Projects in Nova Scotia

Forest Biomass Harvesting for Energy: Recommendations for Nova Scotia

First Draft: Press

Coos County Democrat article

Manchester Union Leader, November 9, 2009

Public Comments about the First Edition

Farm and Forest Exposition, February 6, 2009, Manchester NH

Granite State Division SAF, February 13, 2009, Waterville Valley, NH

First Edition Survey Summary

First Edition Survey Results

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